For the delivery of our own products, our company operates a fleet of medium and large tonnage vehicles, which are capable of deploying a large volume of goods. The vehicles are maintained by the branded service, thus ensuring the operation according to the parameters of the EURO 4 or EURO 5 emission classes, as the case may be. The optimal technical condition of the vehicles facilitates immediate delivery and in the shortest possible time from placing the order.
The configuration of the vehicles was selected in order to transport large volume of products instead of high weight, through appropriate technical solutions. This ensures that the environmental impact and the associated carbon footprint are kept to a minimum.

The operation of its own fleet, in addition to reducing the costs of transport, reducing the cost of transport per unit of purchased goods and protecting the environment, also ensures a high degree of safety of the products placed on the route. The company’s drivers are aware of the products they are transporting, so they can take the necessary measures to preserve them during transport.

For special transports (emergencies, samples, tests) our company is in partnership with renowned logistics companies, such as TNT, DHL, PALLEX e.a.
The transport documents of the delivered goods are the following:

  • Invoice
  • Delivery Note
  • declaration of conformity / performance
  • certificate of conformity
  • installation / operating instructions

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