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The technology used by TRIPLAST SRL Tg-Mureș in the production process is rotoformation.

What does this technology mean?

The raw material, namely polyethylene powder (or polypropylene) is placed in a mould, which will be placed on one of the arms of the rotoforming machine. The mould will then enter a preheated oven at a certain temperature and will begin a rotational movement around the primary and secondary axis. Thus the raw material transformed into melt, will adhere to the inner walls of the mould. After a preset amount of time, the mould is transferred to the pre-cooling zone and then the cooling zone itself. After complete cooling, the part can be removed from the mould.

This results in high quality products of various geometries, that are usually very uneconomical to be produced using other technologies.

The advantages of rotoforming
– Mould used in rotoforming technology are much cheaper than those used in other technologies, which leads to a lower depreciation cost
– Moulds are fairly simple in terms of construction compared to other technologies in the production of plastics items
– The production time of the moulds for rotoforming is reduced, which shortens lead time of new products
– The products resulting from this technology are light in weight, making them easy to handle and transport
– Compared to other technologies used in the production of plastic products, rotoforming is a low pressure technology
– The maintenance of the moulds is low, which leads to a very short downtime in case of technical difficulties
– The production time is very short, being a very economical production process
– Possibility to execute multilayer products
– There is no waste, all the material is recycled to be used in own production process
– A wide range of products can be manufactured simultaneously on a single machine
– In short, rotoforming is a very advantageous solution from a technical and economic point of view

In addition to the major advantages of this technology, there are also disadvantages of the process such as:

  • Limited range of usable materials
  • Some geometric figures are difficult to execute

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