Manhole covers

Covers for manhole chambers, sewerage chambers, and adduction chambers

Covers for manhole chambers, sewerage chambers, and adduction chambers are separate products, which are assorted with the chambers according to the area of exploitation. These come in various shapes and sizes, the most popular being those of circular shape.

Classification according to EN124:2015 standard:

This standard is governing these products, each of the standard parts refer to a specific material used for manufacturing of the covers, as follows:

  • Cast iron
  • Steel and aluminium
  • Concrete
  • Composite
  • Plastics

One can find covers made of cast iron, concrete, composite, and plastics in TRIPLAST variety. The governing standard classifies the products in accordance with maximum allowed load. Coding is made using a capital letter and a number of two or three digits, as follows:


ClassMaximum load [kN]Area of use
A1515Green areas, without any traffic, pedestrian us only
B125125Pedestrian and parking areas for only light vehicles
C250250Industrial areas with slow moving traffic
D400400Traffic areas, including small vehicles and trucks
E600600Heavy load areas, such as fork-lift traffic zones, loading bays, e.a.
F900900Extremely heavy load areas, such as seaports and airports


The clear opening is an important detail of any cover; this means the empty access space you see when you open the cover. The clear opening is abbreviated as CO in the standard. It depicts the maximum diametre of a circle you can draw in that space. Protrusions from frame elements might reduce the CO from the frame opening diametre.

The standard allows the covers to bear inscriptions, customer logo, municipality coat of arms, or other design elements, given that these comply with the surface conditions depicted within the appropriate chapter of the applicable part of the standard.

Covers sold by TRIPLAST are in compliance with EN 124:2015. Periodical quality assurance and control is carried out by NANDO notified certification body.

Manhole covers

Cast iron covers

Manhole covers

Composit material covers

Manhole covers

Composit material covers and cast iron frame

Manhole covers

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