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Triplast, a story of success

Triplast is a success story, written about our clients, as well as about our team. It all started in 2002,as the initiative of 3 businessmen, using 100% Romanian capital.

Engineering and delivery of new solutions, improvement of those existing, we consider our utmost mission. Our resources and focus are continuously concentrated upon the needs of the client. We remained dedicated to a narrow array of products, intending to become excellent in what we do.

Passion, perseverance, fairness, and client focus are our most cherished values. The last 20 years of perseverance has resulted in what we have become, a market wide known brand. We wouldn’t have been able to succeed without passion, without fairness towards our team, clients, and competitors. Our client is our point of reference for day to day life, and for our major decisions.

We want to look into the future, to seek performance, evolution, something new.

Please feel invited to brows our site, search, discover.

The story is still being written.

Be part of it!


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