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Product type:                                       class II hydrocarbon separator

Manufacturer:                                      TRIPLAST

Nominal capacity:                    1-3 L/s

Intended use(s):                      hydrocarbon separation from surface waters on industrial or private paved surfaces, having a contamination up to 22.500 mg/dm3

Material:                                           polyethylene

Colour:                                            black

Dimensions:                                      H=1530mm (max. 2000mm)| V=2x1m3 | L=1100mm

Access hatch:                             Ø630mm

Inlet/Outlet:                    Ø110/110mm

Light liquid capacity:           300 L

Sludge capacity:                          600 L

Optional accessorie:                       levelling element of 60cm, cast iron or composite cover class B125-D400

Treatment efficiency:           <2.80 mg/L hydrocarbon in water


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