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TypeModular tank 2.5 m3
Intended use(s)General storage purposes

Seek manufacturer’s advise for hazardous substances

Please advise if used for drinking water or food products

Can be fitted for wastewater pretreatment

ColourBlack, other colours available upon request depending on stored substance
CharacteristicsCan be mounted vertically or horizontally
Diametre 1526 mm
Length 1545 mm
Access hatch Ø690 (other dimensions optional)

Side connections possible

More modules can be combined via welding or pipe connection. Total length only limited by transportation capacity and handling capabilities.
OptionalsVarious joints can be mounted (from DN25 to DN315)
Various load class covers can be used
AdvantagesShock resistant
Easy to handle
Thermally stable (-40…+60°C)
Easy cleaning due smoot internal surfaces
Strengthening ribs assure high stability

Additional information

Weight110 kg
Dimensions150 × 150 × 150 cm


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