TypeSeptic tank
Intended use(s)Collection and temporary storage for household wastewater, for settlements of 2-4 P.E.
CharacteristicsHeight 1530 mm
Width Ø1100 mm
Access hatch Ø630
Inlet Ø110
Outlet Ø110, factory blinded, for connection of multiple units or to municipal sewerage system
Volume 1 m3
Fitted with odour filter on DN32 pipe, movable to a suitable distance
OptionalsLevelling element 30-60 cm
Covers of various materials, class A15-B125
AdvantagesShock resistant
Easy to handle
Thermally stable (-40…+60°C)
Easy cleaning due smoot internal surfaces

Additional information

Weight60 kg
Dimensions110 × 110 × 155 cm


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