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Type240L spill-box
Intended use(s)Storage and transport of hazardous substances

Please seek manufacturer’s advise for special substances

ColourBlack, other colours available upon client’s request and designated substance
CharacteristicsHeight 405 mm

Width 910 mm

Length 1320 mm

Support grating

Payload 240L

Load resistance: 2 fully loaded 220L barrels

Maximum allowed static load: 2500kg

Maximum allowed dynamic load: 2000kg

OptionalsEmptying valve

EUR1 (plastic or wooden) pallet – 1200×800

AdvantagesHigh mechanical resistance

Easy cleaning

Good resistance against environmental factors and UV radiation

Thermally stable (-40….60°C)

Construction allows maximum handling security of hazardous substances

Maximum allowed static load2500kg4881.9kg
Maximum allowed dynamic load2000kg3330.3kg

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions132 × 91 × 40 cm


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